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- And epic store, full of clothes made for emo/scene kids.
Skinny jeans in every colour, shirts of every mainstream emo/screamo band.
Converse and vans of every shade.
And emo/scene kids heaven.
Plus- They always play great music, and have great friendly employes, Unlike other clothing stores.
Scene kid- Wanna go to the mall?
Emo kid- Hell yeah! D-tox just opened there!

Scene kid 1 - I need some purple shutter shades to go with my yellow skinnies. You know where I can get some?
Scene kid 2- Yeah! D-Tox
by yellow skinny jeans! October 05, 2008
Only the coolest store ever.
They've got rainbows of scarves and pants.
Enough shoes for even keep Pete Wentz happy.
Hoodies for you and all your friends.
Plus the coolest employees.

D-Tox; Its like a better Canadian hottopic >:D
"Yo S wanna go to D-Tox?"
"O_____o Kay lets hop on the bus psycho one and buy some Vexy hoodies and chat with the nice staff members about obscure bands."
by CASSROCKS February 04, 2009
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