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adj: so great that any other word employed would be woefully insufficient, and would serve only to limit the sheer magnitude of the greatness intended as a descriptor.

-made famous by Will Ferrell impersonating James Lipton on SNL's skit "Inside the Actor's Studio."

-don't be fooled by other misspellings.
Your performance was simply scrumtrulescent.
by Jickety May 17, 2005
n.: The quality of being scrumtrulescent. The state of possessing such greatness of degree that all attempts at description fall miserably short.
I was left breathless by the sheer scrumtrulescence of her performance.
by Jickety June 06, 2006
A ménage of at least four people in which you create a sex sandwich involving a (B)i-sexual, a (L)esbian, and a (T)ranny
In order to show Elise my complete and utter virility, I had arranged a little Wichita BLT when she came over.
by Jickety March 16, 2008
When a girl gets off so convulsively upon orgasm that she shits herself. If she's a gusher, you may have a blow-out on your hands.
I rogered Natalie so thoroughly that she was embarrassed to have finished off with a little Bartlesville Fuel Spill.
by Jickety March 16, 2008
n.: A name for the female genitalia, invented to illustrate the arbitrary nature of words at which people will take offense. Word also suggests a certain "overgrown" variety of pudenda.
Man, she's been rode hard - stay away from that dirty schmopp.
by Jickety June 07, 2006
A classic sex move in which you batter the girl up by pulling out and coming all over her chest and stomach, then you flip her over, add the chocolate topping by taking a dump on her back, then you dust her with a handful of blow, thereby adding the powdered sugar effect.
All of my friends commented on the fine craftsmanship I demonstrated by giving Jody the ol' Carolina Flapjack.
by Jickety March 16, 2008
v. intr.: To grow to such greatness in degree that it defies all attempts at description. To become so great that only an invented word will suffice. (Generally used of positive qualities, such as beauty or brilliance.)

cf. adj. scrumtrulescent, coined by Will Ferrell as James Lipton, on SNL's sketch "Inside the Actors Studio."
I can't even describe her hotness now, she has simply scrumtrulesced since high school.
by Jickety June 06, 2006
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