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General Release

An item released to the general public i.e. a pair of shoes from Foot Locker.
For a pair of GRs, those Jordans look pretty decent.
by Lifteddc January 14, 2007
Good round, used in games such as L4D 2.
The round ends and it was a close match, users would type 'gr' to each other to say good round.
by Taur1ne November 20, 2009
Often used in chats of multiplayer racing games and presumedly derived from the Need for Speed series, "gr" is an abbreviation for "good race".
It is used in praise of your opponent(s), usually after a hard and fair fight for positions.

Today, "gr" isn't that popular anymore. Might have to do with the fact that racing game publishers concentrate more on the "bling bling" factor than proper online netcode.
"awesome last lap. gr!"
by XLabs February 19, 2007
Good Round, Used in COD4 not used so much in any other game.
-Score Limit Reached-

Guy 1 - gr
Guy 2 - gr
by Iedit May 06, 2011
short for Get Raped used in texts messages and instant messangers. usually used as a sign that you dont give a shit
girl: you're so mean to me all the time now!
boy: GR
girl: =o
by Ben Dovah December 06, 2008
G.R. or "Gangsta Relief" refers to welfare or any other aid received generally on the 1st and 15th of the month.
I can't get shit from da sto till I get my GR.
by Deadly Eddie February 12, 2007
Word for a guy who pees on a girl during sexual intercourse
Guy 1: Man i heard Sean peed on Casey while they were having sex last night

Guy 2: I never knew Sean was a gr
by its Dennis August 10, 2006

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