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Usually done by a military - an overthrow of the current government by force. Sometimes bloody, sometimes not. Either way, the military ends up in control, and the country is usually thrown into a state of chaos/anarchy.
There was a military coup in Thailand recently.
by Bellomy March 14, 2007
Rural N.Irish term for when person,item or animal falls or breaks
That daft beggar has just coup'd

Wee Jimmy coup'd the car

Me Da's prize bull just coup'd
by Wee Wheels March 31, 2005
When Your Racist against Your Own Race/Ethnic Background
Marie: Hey I heard Bernard only dates white girls.

David: yeah it's cause that dudes a fucking coup
by HealsEasy July 04, 2016
the state of affairs; how things are/how it is
'you know the coup....'
by rmw April 26, 2005
a coupon that usually comes in the form of ten dollars regularly given out for various target stores.
"gotch'a ten dolla coups?"
by ku and du August 23, 2008
its a car or for you proper talkin people automobile
I know what Diddy said if I caught you in my coup....
by lilzaynigga September 14, 2006
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