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Formal title given to a male or female who is sexy, well-dressed and has much charisma
(to a lady entering the club) "Woo, make way for your hotness, coming through!
(gazing as P Diddy goes by) Oh yes, that's hotness right there for you.
by 2ndcitykitty September 22, 2003
(n.) how hot a person is, the quality of being hot
"Oh my God, hotness overwhelming! I'm losing control...quick John, get in front of me so she won't see my hard on."
by --Meatwad-- November 26, 2004
something that you think is cool. like saying 'cool' except this is a better word for it.
"This shirt is hotness!"
by Allison September 24, 2004
To be so hot that one can only be described as hotness
Yo! Check that bitch out, she's hotness!
by The Bob!!! September 20, 2003
Means very cool or something is very hot(like cars. girls, ect.)
O man that show was mad hotness
by Dante Danzy March 19, 2005
The categorization of the level of appeal that a person can have. It can be divided in 5 levels:
- Level 1: poor hotness
- Level 2: regular hotness
- Level 3: medium-high hotness
- Level 5: Major concentration of hotness
- Level 6: Hot-as-hell-fire hotness

The subjects in level 6 are the definitive proof that the rest of us are poorly made by our mothers (or God in another case scenario).
Giselle Bundchen has a level-6-hot-as-hell-fire-with-thunders-and-earthquakes-hotness!!!
by LEINERGROOVE September 30, 2004
noun, often preceded by "the"

an event, situation, or circumstance that is so unexpected and out of the ordinary that it causes a problem or otherwise uncomfortable environment for which no solution or recourse is readily available or obvious

an event, situation, or circumstance brought about by or made worse by incomprehensible ineptitude
I was hoping for a quiet vacation with my girlfriend, but the hotness found me when I ran into both my wives and my parole officer there.

It was bad enough when the university's e-mail server went down, but they really brought the hotness when the e-mailed everyone telling them that fact.
by nopain00 March 02, 2005
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