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24 definitions by Jax

mainly used when someone is good looking or you have extremely intense alcoholic goggles on and think this is the case and you would like to hit that, hook up with them, have them take advantage of you
yo i wanna taptaptap that ass
by jax November 16, 2004
An excelent song by the Heavy Metal band "Soil"
what do you want? a visual representation of a song?! get outa here
by Jax November 19, 2003
A orgasm brought on by extraordinarily funny sacasm.
OMFG, I just had a SARCASMIC!
by Jax July 31, 2003
v; to roar, or occasionally, perhaps a quiet mewling-like sound, depending on the context it is used in.
Javelin Whitetail raaaaaaaaaaars.
Javelin Whitetail RAARS!
Javelin Whitetail raar.
Javelin Whitetail says, "Raar!"
by Jax March 31, 2003
said as a filler, used as a sarcastic retort to something obnoxious, meaning most likely to shut the hell up and stop talking, or take the direction of the conversation a different way.
That guy is an idiot. Ur mom's an idiot.
by jax November 16, 2004
Look at the jacks on that broad...
by jax July 23, 2003
Short term about anything that has to do with anything. Made up by the great Dustin. Mostly used by stoners and alcoholics.
"Let's posey over here." -Let's walk over here.
"Let's go smoke a posey."-Let's go smoke a joint.
by Jax December 23, 2004