25 definitions by Jax

Short term about anything that has to do with anything. Made up by the great Dustin. Mostly used by stoners and alcoholics.
"Let's posey over here." -Let's walk over here.
"Let's go smoke a posey."-Let's go smoke a joint.
by Jax December 23, 2004
A nose. Especially a CUTE nose.
You've got a fucking nosey, you've got a fucking nosey!
by Jax August 01, 2003
Going on an internet website designed for lesbian butches and femmes and being bisexual trying to get a butch or femme for a 3 some.
Juicy was trolling the website and pissed people off.
by Jax February 11, 2005
A government paid, two-year vacation.
Hey dude, I joined the Peace Corps and people actually respected me for it when I got home. Idoits.
by Jax January 28, 2005

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