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24 definitions by Jax

stemming from the word dope added to delicious
that shirt is dopalicious!!!
by JaX May 17, 2004
20 10
A form of farewell; literally means goodbye.

Used primarily online.
Talk to you soon, gerflekteflugen!
by Jax October 28, 2004
6 0
The act of emulating a muffin, or an other delicious dessert or pastry (i.e. donut)
She is SO muffinous and cute!
by Jax August 01, 2003
3 1
a crazed fat hamster that is always high on drugs esp. alchy~
you can call someone
by Jax July 30, 2004
8 9
the burst of sexual energy felt when something turns you on suddenly and by suprise.. an orgasm you werent expecting
that guy was wearing the hottest cologne ive ever smelt, he walked by and gave me a spontaneorgasm.
by jax March 31, 2003
4 5
Its a woman's hairy flange, used as an example to children in the same way as 'front bum'.
Make sure you wash your fluffy mary
by Jax December 20, 2003
3 6
shit, having to shit
Can we pull over at this rest stop? I have to go occi.
by Jax April 11, 2005
2 6