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explosively sarcastic; generally denoting sarcasm that has been building and kept inside and is suddenly released in a shower of rudeness (sarcastic + orgasmic)
Steve couldn't hold it in anymore when Jessica kept talking about her new clothes...he was so sarcasmic she ran away crying.
by jeffpk April 14, 2006
A sarcasm-induced orgasm; sarcastic remarks that are so cunning and witty that it is pure sex to the ears and makes one feel euphoric once heard.
"Hey Phil, guess what I said to my girlfriend the other night?"
"What mate?"
"I said....I feel so miserable without you, it's almost like having you here."
"Oh man that comment was so sarcasmic, you hate her guts!"

"Corr blimey, that homemade lasagne sure was good Emma, I seriously couldn't tell that it was burnt!" (even though Emma had dished up a bowl of lasagne-ash to Paul)
by cathdu January 02, 2010
the delivery of sarcasm accompanied by an overwhelming feeling of satisfaction, generally due to the face that the sarcasm was well-deserved.
Joe: No, not seriously. I was being sarcasmic, retard.
by BlackNoise March 29, 2009
Such brilliant use of sarcasm it brings on an orgasm
You: I absolutely LOVE Justin Beiber!

Friend: Whoah man! let me grab a tissue... that was totally sarcasmic!
by cartee January 19, 2013
The state of being sarcastic in colossal proportions.
It can be either a noun or verb.
I was sarcasmic when pointing out her flaws.
by Liblette June 03, 2011
When the sarcasm is just that good.
David is my favorite colleague, his sarcasmic observations make the even the dullest workday fly by.
by belledejour March 19, 2011
Sarcasm so delightful that it overjoys anyone who hears it. Except the person it's aimed at. (Joining of sarcasm and orgasmic )
Bad Example: Of COURSE I finished the 9-page paper. I started it yesterday... I had PLENTY of time.
Suck-Up Tool: OMG, that was so sarcasmic! *laughs hysterically*
by chibichan1313 August 21, 2007
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