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The belly fat that Europeans get when they come to America for an extended stay and start eating American food. A small beer belly.
After chowing down on Buffalo wings for a couple of months, Michal started wearing boxer trunks to the beach because he developed Amerigut.
by JavaJaneOhio August 29, 2010
Pooping in someone's yard to piss them off.

Also "MFD."
In July 2013, a news report on ABCnews.go.com said a Nob Hill, AZ woman was arrested for malicious fecal distribution after being caught by a security camera pooping in a neighbor's yard 4 times over the course of two weeks. The neighbors had been in a heated dispute for several months.
by JavaJaneOhio September 02, 2013

to remove people you are no longer friends with from your Facebook or other social media friends list.
I had like 2000 friends on Facebook, so I winnowed them down to the 100 people I actually like.
by JavaJaneOhio December 02, 2010
A woman or man who uses men for sex without wanting a relationship, the way a golddigger uses lovers for money.

A woman or man who demeans men by only relating to them sexually.
I couldn't figure out what Molly saw in Nathan until I realized she's just a dick digger.
by JavaJaneOhio July 19, 2010
Pretending or appearing to be busy while doing nothing.

The inability to accomplish a task due to laziness, incompetence, political posturing, lack of ability, stubbornness or other reason that has no relation to the problem at hand.

Worthless posturing, yelling and fighting among politicians that comes to nothing when they are done.
Congress spend 8 months grinding their axes and sharpening their pencils and were only able to reduce the national debt by $10.
by JavaJaneOhio January 06, 2012
Middle-age Woman Without Morals

An older woman who still acts like a horny teenager. An older woman who chases dick anywhere she can get it.
This 50 year old grandmother was hitting on my boyfriend all night like he was into her. She even took her top off. He called her an MWWM right to her face, but she didn't even know what that means.
by JavaJaneOhio May 09, 2013
A child born to keep another child from being an only child or to provide transplantable parts for an older child, especially one who would not have been conceived otherwise.
In Jodi Picoult's novel My Sister's Keeper, Anna Fitzgerald, the daughter conceived to provide bone marrow and a kidney transplant to her terminally-ill older sister Kate, is the add-on child of the family.
by JavaJaneOhio December 08, 2010
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