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Dressed like your right out of a J.Crew or Banana Republic catalog. It differs slightly from 'J.Crew' or Preppy in that it's a phrase applied to a situation where the clothes are wearing the man rather than a particular lifestyle reflected in the clothes worn by the man.

For example: a medical tech who usually wears blue hospital scrubs dressed in chinos and a button-down plaid shirt; all creases were crisp (right out of the package)...or...
A a slovenly overweight college kid raised by Vermont hippies and who's never worn a tie, dresses to meet his girlfriends parents.
Man, you look catalog, did you even take the price tag off those chinos?
by Josephandjon May 14, 2016
adj. -- conspicuously outfitted in new mall-store clothing
My resident is dressed like he just went shopping at J. Crew.

I told him he looked catalog.
by sportinlife June 20, 2016
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