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A child of school age; a student between kindergarten and sixth grade; older than a preschooler but not yet a teenager.
The library has many programs for kixers and tweens.
#tween #teen #toddler #preschooler #elementary school #middle school
by JavaJaneOhio April 14, 2010
Anything that causes intestinal problems. Something that causes a bad case of diarrhea, gas, cramps, constipation, etc. A euphemism for bowel problems.
Man, that 4th chili dog with onion cheese tots was bad for business!
#cramps #diarrhea #intestines #squirts #gas
by JavaJaneOhio October 15, 2011
The urgent need to urinate.
After 5 hours in the car and a super big gulp, I was having a peemergency.
#urine #bathroom #restroom #elimination #freshen
by JavaJaneOhio November 30, 2010
The ramblings of politicians. The meaningless jumble of catch-phrases, buzzwords, sound bites and cliches by which politicians communicate to their followers.
The candidate's rally speech was so full of junkspeak that only his disciples understood him.
#newspeak #cliches #politics #sound bites #buzzwords.
by JavaJaneOhio November 02, 2010
Hacking into a former employer or ex-lover's computer system to wreek havoc as a way of getting them back for real or imagined damages or losses.

Any kind of revenge taken by messing with someone's computer or communication device or social network page.
When John was fired from the library, he got remote revenge by planting a virus in the computer catalog from the computer lab at the community center. The library is still trying to fix the damage.
#revenge #hacking #vendetta #social network #hate
by JavaJaneOhio August 19, 2010
The process by which an ofspring from a nice family becomes a jerk.
Joel's mom is so nice, but he's such a bigot. Must be a case of spontaneous neanderthalism.
#neandrathal #neanderthal #troglodyte #jerk #butt
by JavaJaneOhio August 12, 2010
A small electric vehicle, such as a smart car.
There's no way all five of us could sqeeze into Jake's wheelie pod.
#smart car #vehicle #gas guzzler #sport vehicle #pod
by JavaJaneOhio August 10, 2010
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