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Verb: to drink something and have it come out your nose because you're laughing so hard.
I told her a funny joke while she was drinking a soda and she snorked. Then I killed her for wasting good soda, and licked it up off the ground.
by Kenthar October 30, 2003
to unintentionally snort loudly while laughing. Also used as an exclamation after someone snorks, to emphasize the fact and increase their embarrassment.
She laughed so hard she snorked.

After he snorted, I pointed at him, yelled "SNORK!" and laughed.

by plainjane May 24, 2006
The early 80's underwater equivalent to the smurfs. Just like the smurfs, most any word can be replaced with the word snork.
I think I saw that guy's snork hanging out of his gym shorts!
by ILoveThom'sChickenDance December 01, 2003
Snork: (verb) the act of unintentionally inhaling a liquid refreshment through one's nasal passages via the back of the throat, thereby causing a 'snork' sound to emanate from behind the clenched teeth of the victim. Occurs most frequently when sudden laughter has been induced by an unforeseen event, audio-visual item, or comment.
That was so funny I snorked my soda!
by justshellyca August 06, 2011
-v (snork) Mod. english; 21st century Amer. slang, origin pipe and cigar forum(s)

1. the process of removing recreational pipe or cigar smoke from the mouth through the sinuses and out the nostrils, bypassing the lungs, thereby saturating smell receptors and maximizing taste value while preserving total lung capacity (TLC).
Taste isn't all in your mouth; try a snork to recognize the full taste of cigar or pipe smoke.
by Xenawarriorcat December 07, 2011
When your sick and have a blocked nose. You try to blow it but it just make a mini-trumpet sound and blocks you ears.
Gosh, I'm glad I stay home sick from school today! I just did the biggest snork!
I hate snorks, it's one of those things that I wish god had never created.
by Tara, the defined. September 17, 2016
Verb: To inhale accidentally through your nose while wearing a snorkeling mask.
He snorked three times and nearly drowned before he figured out how to breathe properly through the mouth piece.
by kzags April 05, 2011
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