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Abbreviation of "crescent fresh," a term of excited approval pioneered on the 1990's MTV sockpuppet show Sifl and Ollie. Based on the slogan for Pillsbury pop-and-bake dinner rolls, this phrase was used by "Chester" as an ironic '90's variant of "fresh," itself an '80's adjective of excited approval apparently derived from produce commercials --- for instance, the Tropicana orange juice commercial that featured Olympic victor Bruce Jenner, saying: "Tropicana Pure Premium --- for me, it's freshest." Notice that this implies that "freshness" is not an actual measurement of the time it takes a typical carton of product to market; "freshness" is now an interpretive category: "FOR ME, it's freshest."
"Oh shit, your tape is CRESS. The jams are crescent fresh. I'm playing it and I feel SO CRESCENT."
by James Corn October 20, 2003
To render something useless by unsuccessfully adapting it to one too many new purposes.
By the time Mr. Swanson's camera emerged from Jim-Bob's laboratory, it had been completely transfuckulated.
by James Corn October 20, 2003
see "turd"
Pardon me for a moment --- I gotta go rip a dirtrope outta my ass.
by James Corn October 20, 2003
The naturally occuring mucous lining the intestinal wall for the purpose of lubricating turds on their way out of your ass.
"I have to leave for a moment. I've got moim in my trousers."
by James Corn October 20, 2003
A blank, phonetic place-holder with no semantic import whatsoever, "huffle" can be used to dispel silence-anxiety, to amuse a baby, or to dispel the cloying rhythm of a maudlin, unbearably sappy song full of fake emotion and sanctimonious crypto-nationalism.
"Sing-us-a-song, you're- a pia"-HUFFLE-"man / Sing-u-" HUFFLE "-ight, well we're all in" HUFFLE "dy, and you've" HUFFLE. HUFFLE.
by James Corn October 20, 2003
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