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(n) to be fed up, overwhelmed, confused, or annoyed
I'm in such a huffle..I failed my test, got a speeding ticket and got dumped all in the same day.
by ditzylilblonde March 29, 2009
an irc word used to show love to another person
/me huffles laura
i huffle laura
by meoness June 17, 2005
An warm action showing friendliness between two people, mostly likeley between a "Meo' and a "Lady_Lauwa"
*Lady_Lauwa huffles Meo*
by Lauwa June 17, 2005
a sweet shoe company that is awsome and amazing and cool!!
"DUDE I got my sweet Huffles today!!!"

"Golly Gee! I love my Huffles!"
by The Joey Meister June 28, 2007
A blank, phonetic place-holder with no semantic import whatsoever, "huffle" can be used to dispel silence-anxiety, to amuse a baby, or to dispel the cloying rhythm of a maudlin, unbearably sappy song full of fake emotion and sanctimonious crypto-nationalism.
"Sing-us-a-song, you're- a pia"-HUFFLE-"man / Sing-u-" HUFFLE "-ight, well we're all in" HUFFLE "dy, and you've" HUFFLE. HUFFLE.
by James Corn October 20, 2003
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