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Abbreviation of "crescent fresh," a term of excited approval pioneered on the 1990's MTV sockpuppet show Sifl and Ollie. Based on the slogan for Pillsbury pop-and-bake dinner rolls, this phrase was used by "Chester" as an ironic '90's variant of "fresh," itself an '80's adjective of excited approval apparently derived from produce commercials --- for instance, the Tropicana orange juice commercial that featured Olympic victor Bruce Jenner, saying: "Tropicana Pure Premium --- for me, it's freshest." Notice that this implies that "freshness" is not an actual measurement of the time it takes a typical carton of product to market; "freshness" is now an interpretive category: "FOR ME, it's freshest."
"Oh shit, your tape is CRESS. The jams are crescent fresh. I'm playing it and I feel SO CRESCENT."
by James Corn October 20, 2003
to moon someone but just with your vagina

since your ass resembles a moon a vagina is like a crescent
dude did u just see that that hot chick just crescent me
by spacerocks February 11, 2011
an odd shaped biscuit with a soft fluffy filling usually associated with the 'Pillsberry Dough Boy'.
caring nutritionist- Dont eat that crescent! it will make you fat

pillsberry dough boy- STFU.
by melanie IS a CRACKER November 04, 2007
an asian man trying to act white.
"dude, he just bought a versace shirt. that's so crescent!"
by billy iantosca December 19, 2006
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