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this person is UNIQUE because she isnt like a regular girl, she doesnt judge a book by its cover so she isnt SUPERFICIAL, shes has the greatest personality and knowin her is knowin the best thing eva, she remains OBLIVIOUS to the fact she has soo many admirers including me, she has this bad habit to PROCASINATING her problems, especially revision...but at the end ov the day she has a cute smile to make sure no1 is worried about her, i could never feel JADED in her company because she truely is an angel sent from above to enter the life ov one lucky man who should treat her like gold, she deserves the best and thats why i aint with her, sum1 else beter is waiting for her...pia lives life to make every1 around her happy, may she prosper and be given endless hapiness
shes is an angel, she is PIA, she is bliss and is all good and sweetness in one person packed into a preety young thing
by * June 07, 2004
Pain In the Ass - When someone is a PIA they are a PAIN IN the ASS.
My girlfriend is a PIA on Monday mornings.
by Scott Focker July 19, 2005
gorgeous, sweet,smart, wild and daring. you never know what to expect from a pia.
i love pia.
by javed February 03, 2004
A Pia is a loyal, devoted friend, who can make you smile just by walking into a room. Pia's are lovable, cuddly, funny and adorable, and always make you feel that you are the most important person in the whole world. They are smarter than the average bear, but like to play the dumb blonde, just for giggles. They are frisky, playful and tough to the bone, NO ONE messes with a Pia unless she says so. But if you're trustworthy and loving, you are welcomed in her pack.
Who needs a partner, when you got a Pia?
by Zevra October 16, 2011
Correct me if im wrong. x
Italian: devout
Norwiegian: Princess
Samoan: Beer
Maori (Native New Zealand): a species of fish (but not a cool fish like an angel fish) and also my favourite Maori meaning:
To shine. Like the deep shine of obsidian or the deep shine of the ocean.
My name is Pia. I was not happy about this for my school years but it has grown on me and has some amazing meanings that i hope other Pia's will enjoy too!
by yapiaskinz27 February 04, 2010
loved one, sweet one, used sometimes like "my love"

also, my name's pia too. =)
I'm Pia

The hero of the movie keeps singing cheesy ballads to his Pia, (piya?) presumably the heroine
by Pia March 28, 2004
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