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To wear brand new articles of clothing everyday, and never EVER wearing the same thing more than once.
I gotta keep looking fresh. I stay popping tags everyday.
by Jade November 03, 2003
A member of GaiaOnline.com, the largest forum on the internet.
Gaia member#1: Guh! That Gaian was trying to sell me flame pants for 4k!
Gaia member #2: Dude what a n00b. Tell him to stfu and go to the chatterbox.
by Jade April 11, 2005
A beautiful and very polite young man who wnjoys playing the bass-guitar in the New York city band The Strokes. Nikolai does not enjoy talking.
Nikolai quietly peered at Julian from behind the shower curtain.
by Jade October 14, 2003
looks extremely fashionable and mod when applied to nails.
Red Nail Polish is the only nail polish there is.
by Jade October 14, 2003
The greatest invention since the pencil.
Although I'm far from the point, I don't make mistakes, I fix yours.
by Jade November 14, 2004
A lovely young man who enjoys the luxuries of vintage/garage styles and writing wonderful songs about love. Example New York City Cops. The Julian has a wonderful voice and pretty puppy dog eyes that match his hot-sex puppy thighs. He plays in a band that hails from New York city called The Strokes
Julian gazed at the crowd with his sexy eyes.
by Jade October 14, 2003
A being who has BOTH sex organs.
Carrot Top.
by Jade November 10, 2003

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