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The best religion in the whole world! They dont have boring church sessions. They have fun youth activities. They have hott missionary elders. They're the best! The only true church on earth. I don't see why anyone could hear about the church and not know it's true because it definitely is and if someone wants me to explain how i know its true i'll explain to them in a second. Theres a lot of false rumors about our beleifs which aren't true. We tend to be very nice people. There's a lot of mormons in Utah. Not many in some other places like in nova scotia. There's like, none. but its all good. I love the church, its amazing.
Look at those hott elders theyre so cool
by Jade August 21, 2005
gorgeous.talented.incredibly deep and beautiful person, inside and out.
can take any character and make it into something no one else could...deserves a whole PILE of oscars!
by Jade August 12, 2004

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