short term for hermaphrodite
you have a pussy and a penis so your a hermie
by flcljuggalo April 14, 2004
amys homefry. cracks mean jokes on others to make me happy. carrot top.. hahahaahahahah
hermies da best =]
by aimee February 17, 2004
a person who stays inside all the time. like hermit crab
get outside ur such a hermie
by Anonymous October 09, 2003
Mormon freak. Hairy as all get out. Has a brown thing hanging out his ass (oh wait that's Slowsay). Yearns for C1. Worthless and unrespected manager. Screeches like a woman and bangs on cubes. Right-wing whacko.
Hermie banged on Slowsay's cube and screeched, "Hey, what's up, man, how 'bout them Rangers. Gay people are evil."
by Ophi April 20, 2005
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