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To tell stories to impress people that may not be true
I did a lail and told my parents I got a job
by duck facing so hard June 04, 2015
noun- (1) the most amazing person on earth (2) an angel found in jeans and a hoodie (3) one of striking beauty, usually with sparkling green eyes though occasionally blue, and always first to say the right thing in any situation

verb- to fail epically. totally irrelevant in connection to the noun.

adjective- any form of "what the hell" attitude from fashion to crazy stunts
Lail is the nicest girl I've ever met!
by out of the freaking blue June 19, 2009
LAIL (adj) - lail is used to describe something that is unintentionally funny and/or embarassing. This word is rumored to have either been started by Chris "Raab Himself" Raab from the indie movie Haggard or by the discordians after perverting the phrase "lol".

"Lail. Hope you like having herpies son, that bitch is skanktacular. By the way, she slept with 4 other dudes tonight."
by "Bob" August 11, 2006
the coolest last name in the history of surnames
Lail is a llama lover
by Bob Zoltan August 07, 2003
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