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(n) to be used instead of confused
Jocelyn: "whoa, dude, i don't get what your saying. I'm really confizzled."
by merlin January 21, 2005
Confused, in Snoop dogg terms.
When Sarah told Ta'Shad that she couldnt go the movies, then she could, then she couldnt, it confizzled him.
by Jade October 12, 2003
Confused with a little spice.
Man, that guy makes me so confizzled i don't know what to say to him!!
by Jasmine January 24, 2004
What your boyfriend feels like when he doesn't know what you got him for his birthday.
Boy: I am so Confizzled about what you got me for my birthday.
Girl: you are thinking of this surprise in the wrong context
by hesgettingsome December 06, 2009
A word douche bags use instead of saying confused.
Person 1: Do you like him or not?
Person 2: Dawg, i'm CONFIZZLED
by JessicaBALLS August 25, 2010
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