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A being who has BOTH sex organs.
Carrot Top.
by Jade November 10, 2003
An extremely thin gentle man that hails from the world known band The Strokes. The Nick enjoys long walks on the beach, super-tight pants that don't quite mean the top of his socks, and playing guitar.
Nick was unphased by the earthquake and continued to play his guitar.
by Jade October 14, 2003
when a guy eats you out while your on your period.
that boy gave me a rainbow lick and all
by Jade June 18, 2003
Usually teenage or early twenties. People who listen to rock music and wear alternative clothing.
Nirvana are a grunge band.
by Jade April 17, 2004
fish shaped sweet bean paste cake
I love to eat taiyaki. They are filled with sweet bean paste.
by Jade August 26, 2003
Confused, in Snoop dogg terms.
When Sarah told Ta'Shad that she couldnt go the movies, then she could, then she couldnt, it confizzled him.
by Jade October 12, 2003
Happiness in a candy.

Otherwise known as addictive.

Your future world leader's weakness (yours truly).
"I was about to behead the peasant, but I abruptly stopped when I heard his offer of unlimited blowpops for life."
by Jade November 14, 2004
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