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the v-town base rapper that spits fire since dino urine
macaronic, inpecable, u feel me
by Jacob July 22, 2004
an internet catoon character on homestarrunner.com he is the most influncial character on the internet today. He answers e-mails from fans weekly and makes fun of their bad grammer. He is also the creator of Trodgor, Teen Girl Squad, and Stinkoman. He has his very own The Cheat. and often beats up homestarrunner and, his brother, Strong Sad
Strongbad created Trogdor, the best dragon ever.
by Jacob September 03, 2004
a race in warhammer 40k (the tabletop wargame) that is high in society and is focused on "the greater good" which is putting aside personal desires for the better of their society. they are all ranged. their tactics include killing the enemy at range and if the enemy swarms them they usually relocate to a better firing position. their standard weapon (the pulse rifle) has the longest range of a basic weapon in the game. they appear as humanoid creatures with 2 legs, with hooves, two arms, four fingers and about as tall as 6'0. they are the highest technological race in the game.
wOOt! my tau just pwned your orks cause they are raped by rail rifles and have a shitty 6 save.
by jacob April 01, 2005
The place where you can cheat your way into presidency.
Bush won the election because of Florida
by Jacob December 12, 2003
Usually associated with satan and hell etc. but is often philosophical and nihilitist, rather that just purely satanic. Highly technical and complicated form of music, which sounds harsh and raw because of harsh growly vocals and heavy use of distortion and bass on songs. All death metal songs and bands do not sound the same, each one has different riffs and every band has their own vocal style, because nobody growls/rasps the same as anybody else. Covers a wide age range (just go to a gig) and is not racist. (thats a minority of heaveily satanic black metal, e.g. Burzum, who believed in dominancy of the aryan populace of norway) Sepultura have a black singer currently so that screws that argument. Anyone who thinks that death metal is all the same, then they don't have to listen to it, and don't have to slag of fans of the genre for ENJOYING the music. We don't simply do it to look hard.
Possessed, Death, Morbid Angel, At the Gates, Nile, Cannibal Corpse to name but a few, all from different areas of the death metal spectrum.
by jacob September 17, 2003
Where the poor ghetto people live.
I be livin' on da sreetz G
by jacob December 27, 2004
A fat worthless hick that has no life and plays counter-strike all day.
Man, that kid is such a stat1c!
by Jacob July 11, 2004

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