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Ya know that slick feeling you get between your ass checks when you let a wet fart, And you think that you need to wipe.
There another shot of ass grease
by Jacob January 13, 2004
Crappy band that has a lead singer that sounds like a Pre-teen girl. One of the many bands that are driving the rock genre into the ground.
Thanks to bands like simple plan rap is taking over and rock is going downhill.
by Jacob January 30, 2005
A knucklehead mcspazmitron that thinks hip-hop and rap are the same thing. He also thinks his MP3 player is the shit.
You think rap and hip-hop are the same thing? You're SUCH a Dyar!!!
by Jacob April 22, 2005
commonly reffered to as trailer trash, or walmart shoppers/
1. gurl you po white trash!
2. You got so many cars up in your yard, I'm thinkin' you po white trash
3. see. incest
by jacob April 01, 2005
The emotion felt when one feels when they do not participate, even though they think they should.
" Damn man, what the hell is coach's problem. He should put me in. Now i am sitting here feeling vicobus and shit.
by Jacob November 09, 2004
porno director
he's the best!!!!!!!!
i love rodney moore films
by jacob March 06, 2005
An exageration of the size, amount, and distance of ones ejaculation when one hasn't nutted for a while (generally several days or more)
Dude Joey, I need to nut so bad, watch the sky for my cummet!
by jacob February 02, 2005

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