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Jefferson Davis Hogg. Corrupt, short, banty rooster-esque character who ran the town of Hazzard in the classic television show The Dukes Of Hazzard.
Dangit, Boss Hogg done sent Roscoe after us again!
by Jacob November 12, 2003
a mascot that might have been dumplings but the creators were really hungry and tired and all they could come up with Dumples.
Crazy Go Nuts University's mascot is the Jolly Dumple.
by Jacob September 03, 2004
A legendary Runescape player. Who helps players freely regardless of level.
Dude, your just like TalibanOman, you are so cool!
by Jacob November 21, 2004
1-"would you rather fuck a cow or an anus filled with magma?"
2-"a cow"

1- person one asks a second person if they'd rather fuck a cow or _________(something 100 times more repulsive).
2- answers "cow"
3- responds with "cowfucker." this is the only reason this game is played- to call someone "cowfucker."

stems from the obscure movie "kicking and screaming."
a-"would you rather fuck a cow or an anus filled with magma?"
b-"a cow"

a-"would you rather fuck a cow or a shotgun barrel filled with herpes and could shoot at any moment.?"
b-"i abstain."
a-"damn straight"
by jacob June 22, 2004
Those Bands really suck.
by Jacob January 30, 2005
Something that is cliche or trite
Napoleon Dynamite references are incredibly hackneyed
by Jacob January 06, 2005
Ya know that slick feeling you get between your ass checks when you let a wet fart, And you think that you need to wipe.
There another shot of ass grease
by Jacob January 13, 2004

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