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Filling someone's Facebook wall with posts only from you
Aditya, Adam just raped your wall. Vicious rapage!
by Adam Dangoor December 19, 2007
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The word used to describe a moment in which someone was defeated very badly by someone else. Usually used when referring to Schechter basketball games or video games.
Josh - Dude, remember when the Schechter Knights lost 454 to 2 versus The College School?
Ben - Ya.
Josh - That was complete rapage.
by PGT2 May 30, 2008
a situation of severe one-sidedness, where the losers should be feeling humiliated after receiving such a beating, and it is almost painful to watch.
Man, 30-0 is rediculous, he should just quit playing. This is total rapage.
by Kitsunae Vicious October 30, 2006
The act of getting your ass whooped. When you have no chance.
The rapage was so intense we had no chance of even winning.
by Dino the dinosaur! January 19, 2010
London slang. exclamation or noun.
If someone gets seriously battered at something eg a ps2 game, and you score and it's 9-0, you go 'rapage' when it goes in the net.
Expressed when someone is beaten at something, eg a fight.
-" that man got batered by that G "
-" what rapage "

-"dude, i just scored again, your getin raped."
- "Ok, next game, there's gona be some serious rapage (of you)"
by Judge Fudge December 14, 2004
The results of taking a university physics course.
That exam hit me up with some serious rapage
by Tele2047 April 10, 2005
when a person gets rapes so hardcore that they die.

sometimes used to express ownagever something/someone.
"wow that was total rapage"
by snailman June 05, 2005

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