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Useless piece of male flesh. Discarding this person would have no ill effects. When the doctor/raabi circumsized this person as an infant they threw away the wrong piece of flesh, leaving the "foreskin" to roam the earth to annoy people.
John is such a foreskin! He is absolutely worthless
#dumbass #asshole #genius #idiot #pain-in-the-ass
by JMSMD October 30, 2005
woman with a bad, sour or irritating attitude - derived from vaginal attitude, or "vagitude".
Steph, I know you had a bad day, but why are you taking it out on me?! Stop giving me vagitude!
#bitchy #be-atch #see you next tuesday #cunt #nasty
by JMSMD September 14, 2006
T-C theory (Tit-Calf theory) states, very simply, that girls with large tits have skinny calves. Conversely, girls with small tits have full calves.
Did you notice Patty has nice big tits but beanpole legs? And Lori has tiny tits but really atheletic calves? They follow the T-C theory!
#skinny #beanpoles #tits #atheletic #rack
by JMSMD September 24, 2006
Woman manipulating or pushing a guy around to get her way. Most appropriately used to describe an irritating bitch with big tits.
I am tired of you always trying to get your way, pushing me around and giving me vagitude. Stop bulldozing with your tits! You're not getting your way!
#vagitude #midol moment #pms #aggressive #manipulative #nasty bitch
by JMSMD September 24, 2006
acronym for "take out back, shoot in head". Best to put (whatever) out of its misery
This patient is not going to make it. TOBSIH
#braindead #worthless #lifeless #useless #foreskin
by JMSMD November 10, 2005
How severe a girl is giving a guy shit. Similar to the Stafford-simpson scale describing the strength of Hurricanes as being 1-5.
Michelle is giving me level three shit on the vagitudinal scale, and I am not going to take it! She can go fuck herself.
#bitchy #nasty #cunt #sourpuss #be-atch
by JMSMD September 24, 2006
Governor I'd like to fuck
Sarah is a really hot VP candidate! What a GILF! A governor I'd like to fuck!
#governor #gilf #milf #sarah #fuck
by JMSMD September 06, 2008
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