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A female, usually super hot, who likes 'bad boys' and consequently gets the living shit kicked out of her by the same bad boys she thinks are so great.

Often found whining to 'nice guys' (who totally worship her) about getting another black eye or concussion from her abusive boyfriend, whom she never leaves.
Pete: Lisa is wearing more make-up than usual today, I bet that douche Johnny slapped her again last night. She deserves a man who loves her, not that shit-stain.

Scot: No she doesn't. She's a serial punchbag who goes for cunts like Johnny every time. She gets bored when her 'man' isn't a substance abusing coward who smells of piss and beats up girls instead of getting into real fights.

Pete: Yeah, you're right, that bitch gets what she deserves.
#stupid cunt #abusive boyfriend #perpetual victim #martyr #headcase #retard bitch
by langkwaifongdude August 29, 2009
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