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A cadet who is shorter than the M-14 rifle.
Dude that rifle is taller than the halfdet!!!!
by IHTFP December 09, 2003
a man who can never get laid even if he tried. HATES EVERYONE
Man Frid Dog boned us for a formation that doesn't even exist!
by IHTFP December 09, 2003
Heaven in the form of a Margarita with 1000 proof tequila...cheap beer...all the liquor and beer needed for the thirsty college student in search of knowledge to answer all of life's questions.
Let's get blitzed at the Palms or take the Palms Challenge.
by IHTFP December 09, 2003
To write up for demerits...make someone miserable.
That jackass boned me for BS.
by IHTFP December 09, 2003
The coolest place on Earth full of diverse people, great bars, wonderful theaters, night clubs, spas, and all other commodities a cadet in military school might want.
Want to get shit faced in Lex Vegas tonight?
by IHTFP December 09, 2003
TO DO ABSOLUTELY NOTHING - Based upon a great person who granted optional BRCs and haydowns for jack s%#$. The GOD of all cadets.
Mil' duty for today is SLEMP!
by IHTFP December 09, 2003
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