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v. To inject drugs intravenously.

See also bang,boot up
Watching my friends shoot up always transfixes me, although I'd never do it myself.
by Holly-Day February 02, 2004
n. An offensive term for Muslims, Arabs, or all Middle-Easterners, referring to the turbans that some wear.

See also sand nigger
After being called a raghead at a party, Ashley swore to never tan again.
by Holly-Day January 25, 2004
v. To inject drugs intravenously. See also shoot up, bang

Like booting up a computer, when one boots up drugs, they start up, turn on, wake up to the world.
Once we figured how to extract DXM from cough syrup, we immediately mixed it with meth and shot it up.

S: "This is my goal in life: To boot up DXM!"
by Holly-Day February 02, 2004
1. Interjection

2. Conversation starter

3. To point out something that your conversation partner doesn't know, but should.

This phrase is way overused in Minnesota. Also, it's never taken literally.
1. "I called him, you know, 5 times this morning and like, he never answered."

2. "You know, this place smells retched."

3. "I have my doctorate in something, you know."
by Holly-Day March 23, 2004
n. A light bulb, although usually used for lamps and such, can be used to smoke meth.
"Hey are you passin' that bulb around? Can I get a hit?"
by Holly-Day February 02, 2004
n. Something that's a big deal in a bad way. Something to worry about, even if it might never happen.
I swear, if I get pregnant, it'll be World War Three!
by Holly-Day February 02, 2004
A small hairy animal, usually sent to your college PO box, that follows you wherever you go, constantly insulting you and sometimes scratching and biting your arms and legs. He often causes you to miss school and work, and he alienates all your friends. Often fatal.

See also depression
H: Ooh, mail!
M: What did you get?
H: What the hell is an ibex muffle?
M opens box, ibex muffle bursts out
H (sobbing): I want to die!
by Holly-Day January 25, 2004
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