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noun; a person of Middle Eastern descent due to the various desert regions there. Usually meant in a disparaging and demeaning way.
by Biermaken October 12, 2003
Someone of Desert or Arabic desent. Used particularly in a racist way.
Cracker is to White person as Sand Nigger is to an arabian.
#nigger #sand nigga #sand nigger #sand-nigger #sand-niger #niger from the sand
by Mike111 May 29, 2006
A nigger that lives in the Middle the sand. They tend to have guns and explosives.
Ismail is such a sand nigger!!
#ismail #sand #nigger #bombs #guns
by Fries March 20, 2006
a duragatory term used for Arabians.
Osama bin laden is a sand nigger.
#nigger #sand #arabian #osama #middle-easterners
by I-Zheet MyDrurz June 01, 2006
a person of middle eastern descent. usually used as a derogatory term, is a compound noun of "sand" and "nigger". even though not directly refering to african people, still not good to use around them.
All we had at the store today were a bunch of sand niggers trying to bargin everything down like we're at a bazar in the middle of the desert or something.
#nigger #arab #towel head #sand niger #sand monkey
by johnyfitz July 28, 2006
Sand niggers have a very bigoted view of their religion. They proclaim that their religion, in contrast to the thousands of differing religions, societies, cults around the world, that Islam is somehow the example of being the most righteous, true, and purified of sin, and therefore, EVERYBODY has to be a worshipper of Islam, or die.

To help mitigate the restless mobs rioting over food, shelter, and medical supplies, they point their fingers at examples of western civilization, countries of Europe or most likely, North America, in order to transfer the blame of why they live in such a bomb-strewn dusty shit-hole on those with more money than them, and get three meals a day.
The sand niggers were angry over the power shortage caused by their own suicide bombers destroying the local power plant, so they took off their shoes and threw them at pictures of President Bush.
#terrorist #islam #allah #muslim #camel jockey
by C Tan October 09, 2006
A derogatory name for an A-rab
Every fucking arab out there are sand niggers
#desert coon #towel head #camel jockeys #sand monkeys #camel fuckers
by Andrew Benson March 28, 2006
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