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Actually, should be 'WOGS'
In the port of Alexandria during WWII, in order to allow locals who had been cleared by security to work in the port, they were issued with 'nightshirts' to wear with the initials W.O.G.S. stencilled on the back, standing for : Workers On Government Service.
by Harry November 28, 2003
To fabricate a story in a pathetic/desperate way in order get out of a sticky/embarrassing situation.
You have been caught out. Don't you try to borange your way out of this one!
by Harry January 13, 2005
Old term describing a hippotamus penis.
Adam being a huge goober tonight.
by Harry January 09, 2005
No Girls Allowed typically a phrase spoken when out with the guys when you are tired of the drama and games girls play
he loves to scream NGA when he is out having a good time with the guys but he always caves and goes back to her
by Harry July 05, 2004
Someone with an ate-up acne scarred face, swollen lop-sided eyes, and fucked up teeth.
1.)That chic at the hotel front desk, Kristeen, looks like she's got a bad case of buckshot.

1). Damn, God plays some cruel tricks...she looks like she got shot in the face with some buckshot!
by Harry November 01, 2004
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