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One of the hottest girls alive. Really hot.
Debbie is HOT (see also Debbie S.)
by Harry November 07, 2003
1. A rare unique breed of a Chinese person and a Cambodian person.

2. A race of people that are amongst the most beautiful, intellegent, wise, caring, soft spoken, and very honest people.

3. Harry
1. "I wish I could marry a Chimbodian person!"

2. "Damn did you see that Chimbodian guy? He was PHO-INE!"

3. "Harry is the hottest of all Chimbodians"
by Harry May 06, 2005
A synonym for bacon.
I enjoy my shizzle sarni with plenty of mayonnaise.
by Harry November 24, 2003
Used to describe a gay person or act
sk-Clar is a fgtz, Teh car sk-Clar drives is teh fgtz lolz
by Harry January 08, 2004
the opposite of a wingman a person who goes to a bar with his friend and does not go for the ugly girl yet proceeds to sink the battleship with his kamikaze style
You sunk my battleship bitch stop being such a kamikaze
by harry January 01, 2004
Chip tunes music is music made from 8bit sound synths (atari/c64/NES).
Chippin' is when you are partying it up to some chip tunes.
Man last night i was drinkin' and Chippin' All over town last night
by Harry August 02, 2008
A person or animal that dates to get the pussy and eject semens into it.

A vagina lover.
That man is a lavagini.

I have read many stories of lavigini men having trouble to fall in love.
by harry October 12, 2004

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