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an extreme idiot,
you f'ing wazzock chucker
by Harry February 18, 2004
A random word used when nothing else comes in to your mind. Also possibly a word of the globally renound chav vocabulary.
Darren:"What are you doing tonight"

A female chav: "I hate that Sharon, shes a proper myaare"
by Harry January 28, 2005
Breath that smelt like he suck farts out of dead mules
Cop the breath on that twat has he been sucking farts out of dead mules
by Harry September 25, 2004
A game popular with college fraternities, in which it is necessary to have a strong guy enforce the rules:
Everybody gets naked and shoves a pimento-stuffed olive up their asses, then tries to deposit them in a milk bottle on the floor. If the contestant misses the bottle, he has to eat his olive. If he kicks over the bottle, he has to eat everybody's olives.
Hey, dudes, I'm feeling like bored. You know? Uh, let's play some bitchin' olive basketball!
by Harry January 17, 2004
the hanging mass that often sways just between the knees of morbidly obeise females.
Your momma is so fat she nearly trips on her own plostractis
by Harry April 16, 2003
My mate Derik is in a one man band he's the man who plays the tuba, saxaphone, harmonica, banjo, marackas, triangle, drums, electric guitar, kazoo, base guitar, grand piano, bag-pipes, oboe (no not hobo!), bongo, bassoon, clarinet, flute, jug, piccolo, recorder, surrusophone, shawm, slide whistle, Alphorn, Baritone, didgeridoo, Sackbut, Trumpet, Trombone, Fiddle and Violin, Accordion and Pipe organ aswell as spanking a donkey, wearing turtle shell, cooking a goose with the power of his own self-satisfaction, riding a bike into a pool of dancing mooses and smoking a 15ft pipe with his ass
by harry July 19, 2003
an animal with a back bone
by Harry July 02, 2003

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