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Refering to sexual relations between a human and an animal.
Deeply in love with Terry, Miranda had no idea what bestiality was, and she often wondered why he always kept small packets of peanut butter in his pants.
by Reginald Whattabone October 06, 2003
1643 371
Having sexual contact with animals.
Single women who own big dogs might be into bestiality.
by AS U Like It September 14, 2002
935 325
when a human has sex with an animal
I had hxc bestiality with a llama last night
by veggieness April 05, 2005
730 304
The act of kinky sexual intercourse between a human and an animal.
Bestiality is a form of sexual pleasure that is considered a moral taboo, and highly devious from the norm, but I enjoy it very much anyway.
by GuidoPosse69 February 16, 2005
747 420
The newest form of reality tv
Survivor will have a challenge on who can fuck their animals the best.
by Joe C April 09, 2005
636 357
This involves humans having sex with animals, most common animals involved are dogs and horses.
Dog gets excited bestiality lady sucks him.
by peter_piper August 22, 2006
409 151
Sexual activity between a person and another species.
Bestiality, Bella having relations with Edward the vampire & Jacob the werewolf .
by FayeFleurDeLis July 14, 2010
230 96