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66 definitions by Harry

many prison inmates whacking off on a cracker, the last one to perform this action eats the cracker
Timothy McVeigh now gets to enjoy the pleasure and nutritional factors of playing penitentiary darts.
by harry January 21, 2003
Two things offered in the "Promised Land" for the Isrelites. Involved in religion.
Let's walk through this fucking dessert to the land of milk and honey.
by Harry March 06, 2004
an old lady, who is scraggly, mean, and frequently yells at children. Is disliked by both children and adults, and is almost always in a bad mood
a miser who hates children
by harry December 07, 2003
an ornate, flammable, fallic shaped instrument used for generating orgasms.
wow, what a massive twatcandle
by Harry November 24, 2003
To get loud and irritated with another individual, subjective dependant on tonal audacity
"you getting wrenkh"
by Harry March 27, 2004
an extreme idiot,
you f'ing wazzock chucker
by Harry February 18, 2004
it's a mexican verb that can be used whenever you want, it means almost everything...just like fuck.
chingate...fuck you
chingon...fuckin cool or a person that is the best
by Harry December 17, 2003