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To lollygag or drag one's feet; procrastination in decision making.
Leon continued to fiddlefart with the remote, incapable of deciding between NASCAR on channel 106 or the MossyOak Infomercial on channel 329.
by harry flashman August 10, 2003
To be the first one to do something spectacular. Derived from the Russian Cosmonaut, Yuri Gagarin, the first man in space.
Anthony knew that the only way to boost sales on his AT-HOME-LIPOSUCTION kit was to do a Yuri and have his cousin Sal videotape the amazingly simple procedure using a bicycle pump, surgical tubing and a turkey baster.
by harry flashman July 24, 2003
An expression used to indicate annoyance at something or someone.
Every time I hear a politician pontificate about the Earned Income Credit or tax rebates for people who didn't pay taxes it frosts my balls.
by harry flashman July 23, 2003
While physical trauma heals, serious emotional trauma leaves permanent psychological scars.
Getting my foreskin caught in my trouser zipper at age 5 was bad enough, but what gave me serious emotional trauma was when my mother had to unzip it.
by harry flashman July 14, 2003
A mild interjection suggesting disappointment.
Catshit! My draft number is 14...I'm either getting a Rhodes scholarship or wearing a dress to my induction physical in Little Rock.
by harry flashman July 09, 2003
The sons of Saddam Hussein who were adjudged not fit to breed and were given an infusion of lead instead of vasectomies.
Qusay and Uday were rendered sterile by means of numerous implants of copper coated lead boluses of 5.56mm diameter.
by harry flashman August 03, 2003
A penalty for tardiness in Japan.
Kimiko warned Joshiro to be at the train station at 9:03 or bereft behind.
by harry flashman July 27, 2003
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