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1. Someone's last name
2. Where a baseball player, or team (though rarely), catches every ball hit to him.
1. John Catchall
2. The baseball game ended last night 26-0 with a catchall.
by Kenthar October 12, 2003
A big ol' bag to put all your junk in.
She pulled three chairs and a table lamp out of her catchall.
by Bex October 11, 2003
a term in accounting to denote an account head where anomalies, eg wrong treatments of accounts, are transferred. For example, if an asset head is wrongly credited with Rs. 50,000, the assets and liabilities are shown with a mismatch of this amount.
The general ledger of the company has a catch-all figure of Rs. 25,000, which needs to be rectified.
by uttam maharjan July 07, 2011
Something that encompasses a wide variety of items or situations.
Neuroticism: this catchall term includes being anxious, depressed, etc, etc...
by brazplayer December 27, 2015

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