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A military service academy graduate.
To convey to all those present that he was a West Point graduate, Major Talliafero lightly rapped his ring on the wooden conference table signaling to all present that did not already know so from toilet paper stuck to his shoe that he was a ringknocker, and thus worthy of respect.
by harry flashman July 12, 2003
A manufacturer of fine construction equipment, farm machinery and lawn care vehicles.
Please do not refer to my John Deere LT133 as a riding lawn mower...it is a TRACTOR, asshole!
by harry flashman July 17, 2003
The benign form of bad breath preferable to phallitosis or breff.
Terry Smith, a very well respected Naval supply corps officer, was known for his halitosis, which was chronic, strong, and attracted buzzards and flies.
by harry flashman July 11, 2003
Acting disproportionately crazy to a situation; running amok and generally reacting badly
Percival went hermatile when his tuna sandwich came up missing from the snack room refrigerator and had to be sedated and take a paid day off.
by harry flashman July 07, 2003
The pressing of the lips tightly to something or to take orally.
Yolanda put a liplock on Reverend Farnsworth that was anything but chaste.
by harry flashman July 25, 2003
Vernacular English for "going to", a declaration of intent.
Prunella said she gwine get her case worker changed unlest he give her AFDC for her baby, Boudreaux.
by harry flashman July 21, 2003
A medical device rendered obsolete by Viagra.
Yo, Rich...you can toss the dick splint if you double up on your Viagra.
by harry flashman July 12, 2003

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