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Noun: Someone's only intention of doing something is to commit a sin.


To talk to a man or woman with the main intention if having sex.

To be friends or nicer than usual to someone with the intention of using them for his or her possessions or hook-ups.
"My only sintention of actually talking to this stupid girl is to have sex with her."
by hansonpaulsey November 22, 2009
Phrase: Used sarcastically in reply after someone tells you a personal story that was overall stupid, uninteresting and hard to follow;

said in order to imply that the story would only be funny if you were there to witness/experience
Person 1: "... Then the girl was all like "At least I didn't do this and such!" and then I was like "No, you don't get it like that. It's like this you bitch! HAHA!" It was seriously so funny, like you have no idea!"
Person2: "Wow that is The Greatest Thing I've Never Seen."
by hansonpaulsey November 15, 2009
Noun: A chinese man's happy trail
American Teenager: "Dude, check out my epic happy trail!"
Chinese Teenager: "Check out my happy wok!"
by hansonpaulsey December 13, 2009
Noun: A slap someone endures across the face with a thinly sliced piece of meat; usually done with lunch meat or a patty of a fast food burger.
"Since Mike wouldn't shut up at the McDonald's drive-thru, I opened up his greasy McDouble and gave him a spanky."
by Hansonpaulsey October 12, 2009
A threesome involving two sexual partners performing a 69 on one partner.

609 is the same as a 619, but with a more chubby partner in the middle.
"Last night, my girlfriend and I 69nd for the first time."
"Big deal. Last night, me, your girlfriend and your mom 619nd."
by hansonpaulsey February 13, 2010
Noun: A father who doesn't pay child support and gradually loses contact with his children.
"My dad hasn't talked to me in years and he doesn't even help out my family financially anymore. He's such a cappy."
by hansonpaulsey November 22, 2009
The sexual act of a man cumming into a woman's mouth after she gives head and immediately after the woman squirts chocolate syrup into her mouth, swishes it around, and then swallows.
Willy Wonka's gay lover used to adore drinking Willy's chocolate milk. But then his test results came back...
by Hansonpaulsey October 11, 2009

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