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Noun: The act of repeatedly dunking a person's head into a toilet while/after they vomit; usually done to someone who is puking as a result to consuming too much alcohol.
"While Mike began puking into the toilet after being unaware of his alcohol consumption limits, Chris began giving him a devil's swirly."
by hansonpaulsey November 09, 2009
Noun: A house party where in order to get in you have to either bring your own booze (BYOB) or pay the host to drink; usually done by trading off the rights to have a party at the host's house as long as he or she gets profit or free alcohol/substances in the process.

Antonym: Gatsby Party
"Hey dude, you want to hit up this party tonight? It's better than just sitting around here."
"I don't know, is there going to be alcohol?"
"Yeah dude! Well, no... Only if you bring it yourself or you pay someone to drink theirs."
"So you're saying it's a freeload party..."
"Then no, those are fucking lame."
by hansonpaulsey November 08, 2009
The act of attempting to adjust or move prescription glasses from your face after wearing them for a period of time and then switching to contacts.
"Man, I just cannot get used to these new contacts. I keep trying to move my "glasses" up on my face and then realizing they're not there."
"Sounds like you have a case of the phantom specs."
by hansonpaulsey January 27, 2010
Noun: The sound Captain Falcon makes on his third consecutive jump in the Nintendo 64 game "Super Smash Bros."
"Captain Falcon Jumps: C^ C^ Vahvahduhvava"
by hansonpaulsey January 12, 2010
Noun: A name usually assigned to someone who is old in age and close to becoming deceased somewhere in the near future.
"You see these new bills Obama is passing? I'm thinking we should've went with John McCain."
"Are you kidding? That future fossil would've been way passed gone by now."
by hansonpaulsey December 01, 2009
Phrase: Used sarcastically in reply after someone tells you a personal story that was overall stupid, uninteresting and hard to follow;

said in order to imply that the story would only be funny if you were there to witness/experience
Person 1: "... Then the girl was all like "At least I didn't do this and such!" and then I was like "No, you don't get it like that. It's like this you bitch! HAHA!" It was seriously so funny, like you have no idea!"
Person2: "Wow that is The Greatest Thing I've Never Seen."
by hansonpaulsey November 15, 2009
Noun: A date you have with someone over the internet or over xbox live;

usually a designated time to get online to talk to this specific person
"I have a hot d8 tonight!"
"Oh yeah? Where at?"
"Me and HotChick69 are meeting in a private chat-room at 8:30."
"Nice! Maybe you'll get some n00dz!"
by hansonpaulsey November 08, 2009
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