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Noun: A death star is done by fisting a woman's asshole or vagina and while said fist is inside you open up your hand ( spreading out all 5 fingers) inside the woman.
"I gave that girl a death star since her pussy was so loose!"
by Hansonpaulsey October 13, 2009
Noun: A McDonald's Dollar Menu combination of the top bun, lettuce, chicken patty, and mayonnaise of a McChicken on top of the two beef patties, cheese, onion, pickles, ketchup, and bottom bun of a double cheeseburger; sometimes referred to as a "Double Chickenburger", "McEcstasy" and "The 2 Dollar Heart-Attack"
"Eat a McDream today and you'll possibly be McDreaming for eternity!"
by Hansonpaulsey October 12, 2009
To be positive that the gifts or presents you have bought for someone he or she will enjoy; to be optimistic that the purchases you will make will be well-worth the money.
My mother was so shoptimistic about the presents she had bought for my sister and I this Christmas that she didn't even bother keeping the receipts.
by Hansonpaulsey October 11, 2009
To let out a flatulent or "rip ass" into someone's mouth while they are asleep or unaware;

also known as a "Snappy Cassy" when a girl quiffs into someone's mouth.
"I gave Dillon a spicy michael after he passed out at the party."
by Hansonpaulsey October 14, 2009
Noun: A person who lies about everything in order to have someone never be able to get to know the real them; a freak liar; someone in a bar who uses a different alias in order to have a one night stand without ever having to hear from the person ever again.
"Damn dude, party last night was crazy. Ended up meeting this chick, telling her she was so perfect for me, I would just love to date her and get to know more about her. That way she let me fuck her without thinking it'd be a one nighter. But definitely not going to call that bitch."
"Well aren't you afraid that she'll call you or look you up and come to your house if you don't get back to her?"
"Haha nah dude, I was a fraker last night so it's straight."
by Hansonpaulsey October 11, 2009
stands for "Makes Every Girl Aroused"; nickname of a contestant on the first season of Tool Academy on VH1
"You can call me Mega because I make every girl aroused."
by Hansonpaulsey October 11, 2009
Noun: A mother in which will help her son get laid, usually at a bar or a large gathering. This method of bringing along a wingmom is much more rewarding because it comes off to women as a man being sensitive and a family-man rather than a future one-night stand;
exactly like a wingman, but it's your mom.
"I haven't gotten laid in forever. Luckily, I'm going out for some beers with my wingmom tonight."
by hansonpaulsey December 01, 2009

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