46 definitions by G. Thomas

Slang for vegetable.
Don't forget to eat your veggietales!
by G. Thomas October 02, 2006
To be highly elaborate in the context of art, communication and expression.
A woman stood in the middle of a city and shouted, "I am scrumption!"
by G. Thomas August 28, 2006
A phrase meant to disguise the naughty intentions or double entendres just used by another.
Margot: "It's so hard to oil this up."

Gargot: "You used dirty chips words!"
by G. Thomas August 08, 2006
Regarding the content, the pieces of the whole.
Out of all of Jim Carrey's films, having viewed every single one, Sue contentively decided that "The Truman Show" was the best.
by G. Thomas September 02, 2006
Noun; relates to graphical web work. If many pages need new favicons, the period of making this happen would count as this.
He just had a faviconathon making all those mini pictures!
by G. Thomas March 01, 2008
Describes the basic reason for being told what to do, rational or not. Used by most parents.
Why must you do your chores? Becauseisaidso, that's why!
by G. Thomas May 21, 2008
To be not only sitting on your bed, but to actually be horizontal and under the covers, prepared for sleep.
"I know you're sitting on your bed, but are you in bed bed bed?"
by G. Thomas August 09, 2006
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