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1) Adjective: Resembling a bimbo.
2) Adverb: Performed in an airheaded fashion.
1) She's too into clothing -- she is sooo bimbonic!
2) It is bimbonic to want to name your children Barbie and Ken.
by G. Thomas August 27, 2006
To masturbate simultaneously with at least one other person. Process includes group masturbation and mutual masturbation, but does not have to be either. Requirement is that more than one person must be involved in the masturbatory process.

Typically concludes with orgasm and/or ejaculation. Foreplay, which preludes additional sexual activities beyond masturbation, is generally not considered to be comasturbatory.
Got some friends over and the parents aren't home... Time for comasturbation!
by G. Thomas February 25, 2007
Resembling a flame, either in color or physical structure. Can include plasmatic constant change.
Her painting was composed of red and orange strokes; it was very flamish.
by G. Thomas September 22, 2006
Diction (word choice).
"Due to poor vocabulation, the teacher could not understand what the student was trying to say."
by G. Thomas July 25, 2006
A foodgasm that specifically occurs while eating or drinking raspberry-dominant foods or beverages.
Wow! I just had my first razgasm after taking a sip of that rasperry lemonade from Trader Joe's!
by G. Thomas October 26, 2006
The opposite order of sexual linkage between humans and animals from bestiality; here, the animals initiate the bondage.
That cat started making out with my hand! It's reverse bestiality!
by G. Thomas October 04, 2006
Adjective. Describes food that causes or inspires one to literally vomit, often because of being undercooked. Food may actually still taste good if eaten, but the result always returns to the top.
The barfalicious food that Kory ate at Rosine's place had obvious results.
by G. Thomas April 22, 2008
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