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Used at the end of an email when you wish to tell the person "fuck you" in a passive aggressive manner.


Fuck You:

by ccasper July 06, 2010
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Short way for saying best regards at the end of an Email
by Fernando Cabal June 15, 2007
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Short for regardless.

No matter what

Despite the influences of the environment

Originated in Kent, WA

Credits to Jory Davis - Man Weekend 2008

Also see: Regardless of the circumstances
greg: aye boy wuh guh
mike: dunno dude, blunts and breezies?
greg: regard
mike: gard
by wachadbros January 19, 2010
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To look at something's in a different way.
I can't regard at myths just being legends.Some of them can be true.
by Toa Pohatu April 07, 2017
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