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Describes one who has reached the adult stages of their life, thus already having the associated elements gained in puberty (i.e. body hair, genital maturation, etc.).
My thirtysomething boss says she's a kid who is postpubescent.
by G. Thomas January 06, 2007
Refers to the technique that avid moviegoers wish to view films under in their livingroom. Includes having zero light reflections in the television set, thus having zero lights on that could result in this.

Term coined by "Father Jim".
He wants to watch yet another movie... Time for the Church of the DVD again!
by G. Thomas May 30, 2008
Noun. (kyoo-lih-NAIR-ee-um.) A cafeteria containing only the finest of foods. May not exist yet.
I want to go to a culinarium so badly! Watching all of these Food Network TV shows is really getting to me!
by G. Thomas April 22, 2008
In regards to comasturbation.
It is comasturbatory for a woman to give a handjob to a guy while he fingers her.
by G. Thomas January 06, 2007
Very animated, possibly overly energetic.
She only meant to do a cartwheel, but was so hyperenergetic that she did three backflips and the splits -- on accident.
by G. Thomas August 13, 2006
To be hyperenergetic while engaging in sex.
Oh, Gavin! Ohhh, Gavin! Careful, sexuanimous Gavin!
by G. Thomas August 13, 2006
An exclamatory response said when mishearing or misunderstanding the last thing said. Derived from both mishearing "too tipsy" and Cynthia Nixon's "Sex and the City" phrase, "tit soup."
"I want to drink a Mint Mohito." "Soup titsy?"
by G. Thomas July 25, 2006
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