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Verb. To buy an inexpensive home, spiffy it up with contractual work, and sell it for at least a million bucks.
Five years ago, that gorgeous home was only a shack! Considering all the construction done on it, the owner must've wanted to mansionize it.
by G. Thomas February 14, 2010
To change an environment from being rural to something more heavily populated by humans.
After Lewis and Clark, humans had to urbanify America to spread from the Atlantic to the Pacific.
by G. Thomas November 24, 2009
The process of becoming, or to cause to become, moisturized. Synonym with moisturization.
Adding lotion all over her body was certainly an act of moisturification.
by G. Thomas May 21, 2008
Describes the basic reason for being told what to do, rational or not. Used by most parents.
Why must you do your chores? Becauseisaidso, that's why!
by G. Thomas May 21, 2008
To make significant; to cause to become relevant or prominent. Pronounced as either sig-NIF-ih-kyz or sig-NIF-ih-size.
Winning an Oscar significized Marisa Tomei's career. Or, at least it should have...
by G. Thomas December 16, 2006
Verb: To be placed in the trunk of a car.
For the roadtrip, all of our suitcases were trunkdafied.
by G. Thomas August 28, 2006
Adverb. (KAM-er-EH-tih-KAY-shus.) To be extremely careful while operating a camera.
She's used that camera for decades, not needing to replace a single part of it. She's very cameretiquacious with that thing!
by G. Thomas April 22, 2008

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