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1. A small event

plural - eventities
Due to the chain of eventities that happened last Friday, I have come to the conclusion that partying is not for me.
by dylan March 09, 2005
A fanudar is a womens lower body part which is called the vagina or as kids call it today a PUSSY!!!
Bobby is a 13 year old boy.He goes up to a girl he likes at school and he asks to touch her fanudar she says yes. He starts fingering her which leads to sex in which they die of clamidia... THE END POOR Bobby
by dylan February 27, 2005
the Bush Family Evil Empire
bfee is bad
by dylan February 21, 2004
Vinyl records purchased out of irony.
"Ever seen the 'Play it Again' LP, by the Alan Gardiner Accordion Band? Boy, that's a great piece of vilrony."

"That's so vilronic."
by Dylan May 29, 2004
n. Basically, a catapult on acid. Derives from catapult, sputum, and a good deal of psychedelicity.
"I'm tellin' you, with a better spring we can sputapult eggs at the neighbors."
by Dylan September 14, 2003
noun: an acoustic guitar
He plays the gutbox like he's ringing a bell.
by Dylan August 31, 2003
a mix beetween fuck shit and pussy
con~o de madre.
Con~o ur mom.
by Dylan March 31, 2005

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