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82 definitions by Dylan

an Undead Priest on the Lightning's Blade server who is a yak ass
Soulsnatcher, you are a yakass
by Dylan April 21, 2005
A verb and onamotapia for male masterbation. This word stems off from fap, which also is a verb and onomatapia for male masturbation. Pipping is done weaker and faster than your normal fap. The word was created after too many people found out what fap meant.
Look at HER! pip pip pip
by Dylan March 24, 2005
The main music room in A block. Originates from The Time's club in the movie "Graffiti Bridge".
"Let's head down and jam at Pandemonium, if Morris Day hasn't taken it already."
by Dylan June 05, 2004
when ya man cum inside ya bitch yo!
crunk btiches do dis shit
by dylan April 28, 2004
When a man's penis is not functioning!
AKA: Impotent
Dude, do you have cock a lock, if so EWWWWWWW!
by Dylan January 03, 2004
Dylan has a lot of merps!
by Dylan October 23, 2003
Stefan and his supar-buddies
Once Alex finishes taking his Ex-Lax, Stefan and Ron are excited about the waterfall of fecal matter that will stream into their mouths.
by dylan August 29, 2003